Over the last 25 years, I have covered every type of wedding from the smallest and most intimate to the most extravagant. What I’ve learned over that time is that my favourite weddings are those that are less of a production, no matter the size. I enjoy working with relaxed brides and grooms who are excited to be able to remember the best day of their lives and to be able to enjoy it again and again as they sit on the couch together looking at their album.

If you are getting married, you have no doubt decided that you must document the day with photos. However, in today’s world, not everyone decides that it’s necessary to engage a photographer, opting instead to rely on phone photography or to ask someone who knows how to use a camera but knows little to nothing about weddings. So let me ask you… Will you be disappointed if some of your photos are dark, badly composed or not printable? Are you prepared to get only half of the shots that you are expecting? What aspect of your wedding is more worth the investment than the only thing you will have to remember the day in the years to come? If these concerns don’t bother you, then I wish you the best, but if you are afraid of making a mistake that can never be rectified, Let’s have a conversation!

Flexibility is one of the hallmarks of Laura’s Eyes, working with your budget and vision as much as possible. My goal is for the planning to be effortless, and the images to be all you dreamed.

Wishing you the best wedding ever!