Doing business requires communicating with prospects in the hope that they will see the value of working with you over the competition, whether in person, in print or online. Your photography is a crucial part of your message because it shows people in a second what it would take pages for you to say with words. Maybe you are worried that your images are not dynamic enough to inspire prospects to reach out to you. Or possibly, you are frustrated that the time, money and energy that you’ve invested into your website isn’t paying off, and you have come to believe it’s because your photos are sending the wrong message. Commercial clients love Laura’s Eyes because we cover whatever they need, from business portraits and teams, to product and job photography, Collaborating with them to make their business shine. If this isn’t you, that’s ok, but if you are looking to make a bigger impact in the marketplace, it may be time to outsource your photography to a seasoned professional.

Before & After

Getting before and after comparison images shows prospects exactly what they can expect when they work with you. Outsourcing this aspect of photography means that you need not spend your valuable time examining and matching photos, and best of all, the excellence of your finished product will be undeniable.


iPhone vs. Camera

Is a phone REALLY as good as a camera??
Is everyone REALLY a photographer??
Do you REALLY want to settle for mediocrity in your marketing, or would you rather use a professional that knows how to get results that will make prospects want to work with you?