Marylanders love the Chesapeake Bay, and as a result, the state is brimming with power boaters, sailors, and people that make their living on the water. Yet, there are very few quality photos to be found in this area, particularly those involving people and the moments that they enjoy. Do you spend some of your most treasured hours on the water? Do you own or manage a marina? Do you run a business in the maritime industry, and have a need for marketing photography from time to time? Are you a boater who would love to have some great photos on your boat, or at your gathering, or raft up? 

If you are content with photos that have shadows and hair in all the wrong places, or if you believe that phone photography is “good enough” for the challenging lighting SCENARIOS on a boat, or even if you don’t mind missing out on the fun because you are the one taking the photos, then I am not talking to you. If, however, you are excited to have exceptional photos to promote your maritime business, or to celebrate days and moments that are not-to-be-forgotten, AND you are thrilled about the idea of not having to do it yourself, let’s have a conversation.