Thanking My Clients – Bearon Aquatics

In early 2020, business professionals were beginning to do meetings on Zoom in an effort to keep producing, not sure of the impact that it would even have but not having much choice. This is how I first met Jeni Anderman of Bearon Aquatics, formerly Power House, during her visit to my BNI Zoom meeting. She mentioned that their company had need for some photography and suggested we talk. I learned that Bearon Aquatics manufactures and sells fountains of all types, both large and small, for both private and professional use in pools, ponds and lakes. Not only that, but they produce the Ice Eater, for use around docks and in marinas so that ice cannot collect around boats left in the water over winter. It keeps the water moving and aerates it, limiting some of the other hazards of still water as well. Since then, they have added the Weeds Away, a sister version of the Ice Eater, which limits weeds growing around the dock with a potential for clogging boat propellers.

I went to visit and learned that they were rebranding everything, moving into a whole new level in the marketplace, and they wanted to partner with someone that they could count on to get photos that would impress their prospects and ultimately grow their bottom line. As always, I was excited for the opportunity, but early on I met Mike, who was skeptical to say the least. He kept saying things like, “We’ve had 4 different photographers over the years, and none of them could get what we were really looking for.” It was a bit intimidating, especially since we are talking about water, and haze. I don’t tend towards arrogance at all, but I knew that over 30 years of shooting and understanding the camera, and light, along with my proficiency with Photoshop and Lightroom would give them a high probability of getting what they wanted, and I had the confidence to say so.

Our first shoot was parts for the new catalog, and I worked closely with Mike. Because my style is collaboration, I ask a lot of questions, listen to my clients’ responses and preferences, and we talk through what it will take to make them happy. By the end of the day, Mike decided that he liked working with me, but I hadn’t met a fountain yet. The next shoots were fountains, and Ice Eaters. I had suggestions, some of which were home runs and some of which we will use next time because I was able to prove through the resulting photos that they would work better. In our collaborations, I was able to get some unique images, and even the standard ones had less haze and more shape than they were used to seeing.

I am excited to have them as my client, and I love the relationships we are building. I look forward to each shoot, and as a team player, it is very satisfying for me to support and contribute to their vision. Thank you, Jeni, Mike and everyone at Bearon Aquatics for your confidence in me.

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