Thanking My Clients – Severna Park Community Center

For the past few years, I have deeply enjoyed working with the Severna Park Community Center. Sarah Elder is a passionate and caring Executive Director, open to new ideas and wanting to do whatever is necessary to make the Community Center a more fun and relevant place for its members.  It is always my joy to work with them.

My first project was business portraits for the staff. Like all similar jobs, I came in and did them at the same time, but dealt with choosing, editing and delivering them individually, to be sure that each member was happy with their photo. 

After that, Sarah asked me to come in and do photos around the center, capturing their activities, people and passion to enhance the website. The Center is a beautiful facility, with a pool and a workout room, and many rooms for classes such as dance and Kung fu. The gym is open for free time as well as organized basketball and other sports. In recent seasons, pickleball has been a favorite. As well, they have space to rent for meetings and events of all kinds, from the smallest meeting to a large wedding or party. We had plans to do this annually, and my hope is that we will be able to pick that back up as time passes.

Their newest project, the renovating and renaming of Boone Hall, is moving forward beautifully! The space is rentable right now, with brand new windows to create ambience, and more improvements to come. Recently we spent a day shooting different types of scenarios in the hall, enabling people to visualize having their event there. As a result, the the staff has many new images to advertise the beauty of the space and bring them new business.

Thank you Severna Park Community Center, for counting me as part of the team in building your success!

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